Tournament Schedule &

Upcoming Events


KWC “Twilight” Trial Series

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 – Shades Mills

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 – Guelph Lake

Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018 – Belwood Lake

Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018 – Conestoga Lake

Rules of "Engagement" for other Clubs entering our Tourneys...

  • Must be a BASS member
  • Contact TD before Tuesday 3pm to Enter
  • Encouraged to enter equal Boater/Non but not necessary if space is available
  • KWC Members will have 1st priority for spaces drawn
  • Must adhere to our policies with entry fee and Gas allowance
  • Draw takes place at 7pm the Tuesday before the Event and they will be added to the draw
  • Ie No Teams will be allowed to enter and fish as a team
  • Results for points will be awarded to KWC anglers as usual

Click here to download guidelines

Tournament Director: Kevin Reid


Since 1996 the KW-Cambridge Bassmasters have been meeting, fishing, telling tall tales and just generally having fun.

Our members come from all walks of life and interact regularly at monthly meetings, outdoor conservation projects, and youth events (2016 Kids Fishing Day) and of course everybody’s favorite "Fishing Tournaments".

We are an active B.A.S.S. and Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation fishing club.  

In our club we currently have an equal split between boaters and non-boaters. We have members who only like to come to the meetings, just so they can talk about fishing or to hear the guest speakers. We also have members who spend every weekend on the water even if it's frozen, or competing in an event somewhere.

We attempt to set up our tournaments so all can join in, by having a mixture of local and out of town events. You can learn to fish in a lot of different situations, and environments that will increase your skill level and make you a more well-rounded angler. Our emphasis is on friendly, tournament competition, and most importantly having fun. 

Our tournaments are done by a blind draw, with boaters in one hat, and non-boaters in the other. These two anglers then become the team for this tournament only, with the combined total weight belonging to both anglers. 

If you love to fish or just want to have fun and meet new people. Come out to one of our monthly meetings or contact us. 
                    Let's Start Making Some Memories!


We start fishing in May, when Pike season opens, and hold a few Pike or other species tournaments throughout May and June. After all everybody needs a warm up!


We do about 10-15 bass tournaments from June through to October. All of our tournaments are “Catch and Release” format. We make every effort to keep our fish alive during the tournament, so that they can be released back to their lake of origin, to be enjoyed by future generations.

Tournaments Start at 7am (or safe light) and finish at 3:30pm the evening events are from 4pm to 8pm.